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Film work

I'm specialising in natural history and wildlife documentaries. I travel to some of the most exotic places in the world to capture stunning footage of animals and the environment.

I often work in a team that is passionate about documenting the beauty of nature in all its forms, from the depths of the ocean to the depths of the wild forest. We have worked with BBC and other major networks, as well as independent film projects, to bring spectacular images to the screen.

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Sveriges hjärta - BBC/SVT

World premiere for SVT's and BBC's co-production about Sweden's unique nature. Over half of Sweden's surface is covered by forest and large parts of our culture have sprung from the magical world of the forest. The forest is the heart of the nature we all recognize. Here we find animals such as the wolf, the bear and the lynx, but also the boar and its classic mating game.

Skandinaviens kust BBC/SVT

SVT and the BBC are investing heavily in Scandinavian nature. The coasts of Sweden and Norway are full of life and drama. The cute little seal pup has a rough start in life and the sea eagle is a skilled hunter. The killer whale also lives along our coasts, as well as the unique puffin.

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Secrets of the Whales -NatGeo

Filmed across three years in 24 locations, the 4-part event series it's a profoundly personal saga, venturing deep into the world of whales to reveal life and love from their perspective.

Contributed to this serie with footage of killer whales from the Falkland Islands.

Hostile Planet - NatGeo

A look at the world's harshest landscapes and the animals that have adapted to live there.

Contributed as a guide and a drone pilot. 

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Orca Kingdom - BTM

The fjords of Norway are snowy, cold and dark. Though one particular natural happening sheds light over the whole region: the orca hunt on incoming herring, flanked by humpback whales.

One might say “A little bit of grace” is an understatement.

Special thanks to Orca Norway, Nauticam, Kelvin Lights and OMS.

The Sardine Run - BTM

You fly to South Africa, conquer weather, waves, wind and then… “all of a sardine, things just spark”.
We really go wild over the Sardine Run.
Special thanks to Offshore Africa, Nauticam, Kelvin Lights and OMS.

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Fuvahmula - BTM

We came for the tigers, stayed for the plateau.

Special thanks to Fuvahmulah Dive School, DiveAssure Nauticam, Kelvin Lights and OMS.

Extraordinary Magic- Diving and Sailing the Azores - BTM

Diving with Blue Sharks, Spearman's Whales and Mobula Rays around the Islands of Faial, Pico and St Jorges in the Azores. "You won’t believe it, as strange as it sounds ... Extraordinary magic follows you around."

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